The Everhot is designed to remain switched on, and up to temperature 24 hours a day, providing controllable cooking capacity and background warmth to suit the time of year. Even the hardiest souls find themselves being drawn to it. Despite its additional control, it remains at heart a traditional range, radiating gentle heat through the kitchen,
with ovens that bake, roast and cook to perfection.
The full width grill in the top oven is another great feature you won’t find in many other comparable ranges!

All Everhots run on either one or two 13 amp plugs, meaning that there is no need for a flue or even concrete base.

All Everhot range cookers have cast iron hotplates. Some models have either an additional cast iron simmer plate (+) or an induction hob (i).
Induction hobs are incredibly efficient and hence cheaper to run compared to gas or ceramic hobs. They work by heating up the metal pan rather than the cooking surface, and this is achieved via a magnetic field coming from under the glass top.

Like any traditional heat storage range, the Everhot will gently warm your kitchen, but it’s ECO control will allow you to customise how much heat is being emitted at any given time. With timer functions to send your oven into ‘sleep’ mode, you don’t need to worry about changing settings, as your Everhot will do it for you.

Everhots are easy to install, and if you ever decide to move home, then Everhot offer  transport service to bring your oven to your new home for you! Delivery is available throughout the UK and Europe.

Some forty years ago the inventor of the Everhot,  wanted a heat storage range that would provide some background warmth to his kitchen and that would also have a very low requirement for energy. He hence set about inventing the Everhot, and for the first ten years following this, the Everhot was sold in small quantities whilst gently evolving prior to its full commercial launch in 1995.
Whilst the first cooker ever produced is still in daily use, the evolution continues and their philosophy remains unchanged.
Everhot are constantly seeking to improve their products without ever compromising on quality.

Everhot also remain firmly committed to preserving our environment – through their use of water power and also through careful selection of UK based suppliers and products.

Sketch of Coaley Mill, 1903, by George H Turner

Our director Simon has owned an Everhot for over ten years, as well as other range cookers before that, and can offer first hand advice on choosing a model
and what’s guaranteed when you own one.

We strongly recommend making an appointment to speak to him if you are interested in these exceptional cookers so that he can pass on his knowledge and
offer you the best honest advice.