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Natural Stone Flooring

Boniti supplies a vast range of natural stone for inside and out, ranging from hand aged English stones, to contemporary polished marble.

Timber Flooring

Boniti offers an unlimited number of different options when it comes to timber flooring. We offer everything, from unfinished planks to 17th century oak handmade versaille panels.

Everhot Range Cookers

The Everhot is designed to remain switched on, and up to temperature 24 hours a day, providing controllable cooking capacity and background warmth to suit the time of year. Even the hardiest souls find themselves being drawn to it.

Porcelain Tiles

We now have a wide range of porcelain tiles available. They combine a variety of beautiful colours and textures with remarkable strength and durability.

Decorative Tiles

Encaustic tiles are a brilliant way to add some creativity to your home. These beautiful patterned and coloured tiles can be used for subtle signatures or for big statements.

Kadai Firebowls

Original Kadais are up to 100 years old. They all have their own unique character from years of use as cooking bowls at weddings and festivals across India. They are hand-picked in Rajasthan and are available in sizes from 60cm – 170cm diameter.


Boniti is able to source and supply a variety of stoneware, including but not limited to basins, baths, shower trays and mosaics.

Bespoke Service

Sometimes, some things are best handcrafted to order. Boniti strives to provide our customers with exactly what their looking for, and sometimes this will require a touch of creativity.