No.13 Fine Champagne is a hand-crafted Dutch product, imported directly from Belgium.

The planks are distressed to appear as authentically aged and reclaimed as possible. The process simulates marks normally only achieved via normal wear and tear, traces of woodworm, bevelled edges to the surface of the wood, to create the feel and appearance of a much older material. 

The difference of shades and tones between the boards, sometimes significant, combined with the highlights or discoloration around the knots are achieved through a unique and environmentally friendly colouration process to represent the natural ageing of colours, reinforcing the authentic spirit of this outstanding flooring.

Please note that this product is sold as standard in mixed widths.

Finish Invisible Oil
Construction Engineered
Species European Oak
Width Depth  Length(s)
140mm 20mm 1800 to 2700mm
180mm 20mm 1800 to 2700mm
220mm 20mm 1800 to 2700mm

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